Moths Protecting What Matters

Moths and Pantry Pests

Moths vary widely in appearance and size, as well as behavior. While some moths are pollinators and often mistaken for butterflies, other varieties are parasitic and feed on blood.

Indoors, moths are often found feeding on stored pantry items and clothing. Webbing clothes moths are notorious for their ability to ruin wool, as well as fur, feathers, hair, and felt. Other moths produce stinging larvae and wreak terrible destruction on agriculture. Pantry moths infestations are commonly found in kitchens, near sources of fruit and grain.

How to spot an infestation:

Look for small holes in clothing, particularly sweaters and items made of silk, wool, or fur. Keep an eye out for webbing in the corner of closets or on clothing (you also might notice a musty scent).

What to do:

Keep your closet cool and well ventilated. Clean out pantries and closets thoroughly and launder all clothing. Sealed storing techniques can protect clothing. To avoid damage to textiles, carpets, and other home goods, consult a pest control professional to eliminate a moth problem.

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