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While moles spend most of their time underground, it is clear when they’ve invaded your property thanks to the damaging tunnels and mounds they leave in the wake. If you are tired of sharing your property with these pesky critters, contact our team at Quality Pest Control, Inc.. Our local and licensed specialists effectively remove moles from your Omaha home or business and offer skilled methods to ensure they stay out. We only use the most effective products and treatments on the market and work diligently to be Omaha’s most trusted mole control company.

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A Comprehensive Mole Control Plan

With moles being such a big problem for homeowners in Omaha, our team has developed a premier Mole Control Plan to keep these damaging pests away for good. The plan consists of a complementary initial assessment to determine the extent of the infestation and is followed by a service plan made up of monthly visits to accurately monitor and treat your mole issue. We understand that no two infestations are the same, which is why we are committed to offering the most personalized solutions designed specifically for your property.

During our visits, we utilize a combination of baiting and trapping, among other methods for maximum effectiveness. If you notice moles in between your scheduled monthly visits, our specialists will come to your property and conduct additional treatments, free of charge. We continuously exceed the industry standard through our affordable and innovative Mole Control Plan.

Our team can help you address the issue by taking the following steps:

  • Inspecting

We will conduct an initial inspection of the lawn in order to understand where the moles are making their way and find the vulnerable spots in the yard. This will allow us to gain a full assessment of the situation so that we can prevent any moles from popping up in the future.

  • Monitoring

As we create a plan to tackle the situation, we will monitor the activity of the moles so we can better predict what moves they will make in the future and protect your yard.

  • Controlling

This is the essential part of the process in which we trap and bait active mole infestations. We will customize your approach depending on what you need.

  • Communicating

We will always make sure you are aware of the status of your mole removal. Our friendly, skilled, and experienced professionals will be happy to answer any questions you might have as well as address any additional concerns.

Signs I Have A Mole Infestation

If you've invested time and money into your home's yard, only to see a mole mound pop up, it can be extremely frustrating. But, how else can you tell that you have a mole infestation? Below we have provided 3 signs to look for in order to know when you should give us a call to help you with your mole problem.

  • Molehills -
    Mounds or as they are also known, Molehills are usually dirt mounds that appear throughout your lawn. This is a key indication that your yard is infested by moles and these mounds are typically one to two inches high.
  • Plant Damage -
    Moles live and thrive where there is food. Your garden and flowerbeds are the perfect place for moles to eat and feast on the bulbs and roots of your plants. If you notice that your plants are dying suddenly, it could be due to a mole problem.
  • Tunnels -
    Visible tunnels is another obvious indicator that your yard has moles. As moles dig and tunnel for food, they'll tunnel close to the surface for said food and create that visible tunnel.

20+ Years of Rodent Control Experience

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to mole control, so we always take the time to perform a thorough evaluation before assigning treatment. We also refuse to keep our clients in the dark, so we answer every one of your questions and clearly explain treatment before it begins, so you know exactly what to expect.

Once you notice a mole problem, there is no time to lose, which is why we offer fast, same-day appointments to get your treatment started right away. We continue to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations by attending continuous trainings and using the most advanced products on the market. Since 1996, we have put your needs first, and we promise to help you protect what is important to you to the best of our ability. Instead of struggling with a labyrinth of tunnels and mounds throughout your yard, contact our licensed professionals today. We have the personalized and high-quality solutions to be Omaha’s most trusted mole removal specialists, and we are standing by to help your rodent infestation.

No matter the severity of your mole infestation, our team at Quality Pest Control, Inc. can help. Call us at (402) 718-9346 or fill out our easy online form today!

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