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DeSoto is a small Nebraska community along the Iowa border. The Missouri River is on the eastern side of town and provides boating, fishing, and other water activities. It’s best known for the DeSoto Wildlife Refuge, an 8,365-acre area featuring forests, prairie, and wetlands. The population of DeSoto is primarily made up of farmlands but also has several businesses.

The farms and refuge in DeSoto provide homes and food for various animals. These creatures reside near homes and businesses, invading structures when they struggle to find necessities. They hide in hard-to-see spaces, bite when handled, and can damage buildings. For these reasons, you should call DeSoto, NE, pest control professionals for their removal. 

Quality Pest Control knows how to find and remove animals on large properties like DeSoto farms. We equip our service specialists with the tools and knowledge to keep pests away from your property.

Residential Pest Control In DeSoto

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While all residential properties are vulnerable to pest infestations, DeSoto homes are more susceptible because of the natural surroundings. These creatures invade houses for food, water, and shelter, often hiding in walls, attics, and basements. Many of them are nocturnal, only appearing at night. As a result, you might not see the creatures in your home. In the meantime, they’ll cause damage in hidden areas and spread pathogens on surfaces, creating health and safety concerns.

Finding and removing pests in your home is challenging and potentially dangerous, so infestations require professional home pest control in DeSoto, NE. Quality Pest Control has been protecting DeSoto properties since 1996. Our service specialists will assess common hiding spots and entry points to find the pests. We’ll develop an effective treatment plan using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques, keeping your health in mind. We’ll also provide housekeeping tips to prevent future intrusions.

Our Healthy Home Bundles include regular examinations, treatments, and monitoring to keep pests out of your home. These packages include quarterly visits to handle animals on your property and prepare you for the upcoming season. Call us for more about our residential pest control options.

Commercial Pest Control In DeSoto

Commercial facilities are often larger than residences, offering more hiding spaces for pests. They’re also usually empty at night, enabling creatures to roam freely without fear of being caught. They’ll damage your building, equipment, and products, impacting your production. Many pests also leave waste or pathogens around your facility, making them a health risk to your clientele and staff. Commercial pest control in DeSoto, NE, can protect your business from these problems.

At Quality Pest Control, our service specialists work with businesses in numerous industries to keep pests away. We understand that our presence in your facility could send the wrong message to customers, so we provide our customized service at a time that best fits you. We’ll examine your entire property to find pests and vulnerable areas, using the most effective and safest products to remove them.

Pests are an ongoing problem for DeSoto businesses, so we provide year-round recurring services. We can develop a schedule that best suits your situation, returning as frequently as necessary. Contact us to protect your business from DeSoto pests.

Tips To Minimize Flies Buzzing Around Your DeSoto Home

Flies are common nuisances in DeSoto homes, entering through cracks in doors or windows and annoying residents as they buzz around your house. Some species can spread illnesses, and others produce painful bites. Whether they’re simple annoyances or threaten your health, you likely want to keep these insects out of your home.

It might seem impossible to keep flies away because of their tiny size and flying abilities. However, they’re similar to other pests, invading homes for food and water. Removing these attractants can reduce the number of these creatures in your house. Tips to minimize the number of flies in your DeSoto home include:

  • Eliminate buildup in drain pipes and traps.

  • Clean your garbage cans.

  • Seal your doors and windows.

  • Dispose of your trash regularly.

While these tips can help to prevent flies in your house, you’ll need the fly pest control experts at Quality Pest Control to remove them. Our service specialists will examine your house to identify the species and determine why they invaded your home. We’ll develop a custom treatment plan that includes baits, traps, and other products targeting the flies. We’ll also find and eliminate breeding spots.

Flies are tiny, but our team knows how to identify and remove them from your house. Give us a call if flies are buzzing around your DeSoto home.

How Rats And Mice Find Their Way Into DeSoto Homes

Rats and mice are some of the most dangerous pests that invade homes in the DeSoto area. They can fit through tiny gaps in your exterior and hide in hard-to-see spaces. They’ll chew on electrical wires, potentially causing fires, and build nests in your insulation, making it ineffective. They can also spread illnesses by biting or leaving waste around your home.

The hiding ability of these pests makes them tough to find. They’ll start causing trouble soon after arriving and can cause substantial problems if you don’t quickly recognize the infestation. Even if you can find them, these pests will bite if threatened, so closing potential entry points is the best way to avoid issues. Common ways rats and mice find their way into DeSoto homes include:

  • Open laundry vents

  • Spaces in HVAC units

  • Gaps underneath garage doors

  • Openings in doors or windows

  • Through damaged shingles in roofs

Quality Pest Control is the safest way to remove rats and mice in your house. We’ll go through your home looking for hiding spaces, damage, and waste, using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques to minimize the number of products. After removing the pests, we’ll close potential entry points and eliminate attractants to keep others from invading your home.

Rats and mice can cause damage and spread illnesses when they invade houses, making them a threat to your health and safety. Let us know if you need professional rodent control in DeSoto.

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