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Kennard might be one of the smallest villages in Eastern Nebraska, but it's certainly not an Omaha suburb that we should forget. There's a lot more than meets the eye to this laid-back, rural town, especially its close-knit community and convenient central location. Growing families love the area's safe and country atmosphere, while business owners appreciate their proximity to the big city.

It's clear that Kennard is one of Nebraska's hidden gems. However, the 'hidden' elements of life in this village aren't always net positives. Like many other cities surrounding Omaha and Lincoln, Kennard battles an onslaught of pest activity that seems almost impossible to control.

Locals need no reminder of their constant struggle against pests. From cockroaches and spiders to termites and mosquitoes, there seems to be no end to the pest threats in sight. DIY approaches can certainly help to control the pest spread, but they are not enough without the help of a professional pest control provider, including the experts at Quality Pest Control.

Quality Pest Control is on a simple mission to provide the most efficient pest control in Kennard for home and business owners alike. We've aligned ourselves to our goal in more ways than one and are constantly striving towards bigger and better services that do more for our clients. Whether battling an existing infestation or just looking to keep pests out, we have everything you need to reduce your risks and restore your peace of mind. 

Local pest control services in Kennard start with Quality Pest Control. Give us a call today to request a service quote.

Residential Pest Control In Kennard

There's never been a Kennard property owner who hasn't put up with pests. From mosquitoes and ants to flies and bed bugs, there's almost always something around that can throw a wrench into your plans. You know that regular prevention is an important part of a pest-free home, but you also understand that professional services are extremely important for the health of your property.

Quality Pest Control has offered residential pest control services to Kennard homeowners since 1996 and would be glad to provide all the pest control duties you simply don't have time to perform. We always take the time to prioritize your overall health and safety and rely on low-impact products to protect both you and your loved ones. It doesn't matter how serious the infestation is around your home; Quality Pest Control can get the problem fixed fast!

A single phone call is all you need to get started with Quality Pest Control. Contact us today for a quote as soon as possible.

Commercial Pest Control In Kennard

Dozens of Kennard businesses say they wish they had known earlier about the extraordinary commercial pest control services of Quality Pest Control. After more than 20 years of service to the industries of Nebraska, our team has developed some airtight pest control plans that stop infestations at their earliest stages. All customers have access to fully customized plans, as well as our low-impact and health-conscious treatments that align with your industry guidelines.

Kennard's businesses can rely on Quality Pest Control for more than just pest removal. We offer comprehensive service plans for bed bug prevention that defend your property at length. All you need to worry about is giving us a call; our team will handle the rest.

There has never been a better time to defend your Kennard business from pests. Contact Quality Pest Control for some of the most trustworthy commercial pest control programs in Eastern Nebraska. We will be able to serve you shortly.

Who Else Wants To Keep Spiders Out Of Their Kennard Home?

It's not uncommon for Kennard property owners to occasionally run into spiders. These eight-legged arachnids live in practically every backyard and feast on the pests that lie within. Spiders are particularly beneficial creatures that remove unwanted pests and insect populations. However, these arachnids are certainly no fun at parties; most people want nothing to do with them, especially inside their homes.

Have spiders found their way into your Kennard home or outbuilding? There are several why they may have targeted your property, although it usually boils down to just three factors. For example:

  1. Spiders may have wandered inside by accident after crawling through a crack, crevice, or tiny opening. Even if they wanted to get back out, they probably couldn't backtrack their way.
  2. Spiders are nomadic pests that travel alongside their prey. If large numbers of spiders have appeared around your property, there may be a large number of pests drawing them inside.
  3. Spiders in Kennard sometimes look for sheltered spaces during heavy storms or unseasonable weather. They may hunker down inside garages, greenhouses, and outbuildings to ensure their survival.

As you can see, spider activity in Kennard isn't always simple to understand. The good news is that Quality Pest Control can protect your property from spiders virtually all year round. All you need to do is get a quote for spider control services in Kennard, and we'll come by to help as soon as possible.

Who Else In Kennard Is Frustrated With Mosquitoes?

Are you looking to get rid of mosquitoes around your Kennard home or business? You and everyone else. These frustrating pests are extremely difficult to remove and can wreak havoc around homes and businesses alike.

If you want to remove mosquito populations in the quickest and safest way possible, you'll need to get in touch with the pros behind Quality Pest Control. We offer:

  • Annual Mosquito Prevention Plans
  • Mosquito Control for Outdoor Living And Events
  • Low-Toxicity Mosquito Treatments

Get a head start on your mosquito control in Kennard by contacting Quality Pest Control at your earliest convenience. We will provide you with a quote and consultation before applying any products. We look forward to speaking with you!

Five Warning Signs Your Kennard Home Has Termites

Termites are notorious for silently and destructively invading homes, causing extensive damage that often goes unnoticed until it's too late. To safeguard your biggest investment, you need to be vigilant and look out for these five warning signs:

  1. Wood damage: Are you noticing wooden structures in your home, like beams and furniture, showing signs of damage, such as hollowed-out sections or a papery appearance? These could be telltale signs of a termite infestation.
  2. Mud tubes: Termites create mud tubes along walls and foundations to maintain moisture levels and protect themselves from predators. If you spot these pencil-thin tubes, it's time to call for termite control in Kennard.
  3. Swarmers: Winged termites, known as swarmers, are a clear indication of a mature termite colony. If you see them indoors or around your property, it's a red flag.
  4. Discarded wings: After swarmers mate, they shed their wings, leaving them scattered around window sills and light fixtures. Finding these wings is a sure sign that termites have made themselves at home.
  5. Hollow-sounding wood: Tap on wooden surfaces around your home. If they sound hollow or produce a papery rustling noise, termites may be feasting beneath the surface.

Now that you know the warning signs of a termite infestation, don't hesitate to contact Quality Pest Control for expert termite control in Kennard. Our team of skilled service specialists will conduct a thorough consultation, create a customized treatment plan, and efficiently eliminate termites from your home, ensuring long-lasting protection.

Why Are There Wasps All Around My Kennard Lawn?

While bees are essential pollinators, wasps can be a source of annoyance and danger when they decide to nest in your Kennard lawn. These aggressive insects can pose a threat to your family and pets. Here's why you might be seeing an increase in wasp activity:

  • Nesting sites: Wasps often build their nests in various locations, such as trees, eaves, or underground burrows. If you've noticed an unusual number of wasps around your property, there's likely a nearby nest.
  • Food sources: Wasps are attracted to sugary substances and proteins, so they can become a nuisance during outdoor gatherings or picnics.
  • Protective behavior: Wasps are highly protective of their nests, and if they perceive a threat, they won't hesitate to sting. This can be particularly dangerous if someone in your family is allergic to wasp stings.
  • Warm weather: Wasps are more active during the warmer months, making summer and early fall prime times for increased wasp activity.

If you're experiencing a wasp infestation or are concerned about the safety of your family and pets, it's essential to seek wasp control in Kennard from the experts at Quality Pest Control. Our trained professionals will safely remove the nest, ensuring your property is protected from these stinging insects.

Why Wildlife Activity In Kennard Needs Professional Treatment

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Our Values, Your Peace of Mind

Why Choose Quality Pest Control?
  • Client-Focused Care

    At Quality Pest Control, we pride ourselves on providing you with service that meets your needs. We take the time to listen to you and work with you to create a pest control plan that delivers the solutions you want.

  • Local Expertise

    Quality Pest Control has been serving Omaha and the surrounding areas since 1996. We know the pests in our region and the most effective ways to treat them in order to eliminate and prevent them on your property.

  • Customized Services

    No two pest control issues are exactly the same, so no two pest control plans should be either. We provide individualized treatment plans to every client we work with so that you receive the services you need for effective results.

Why You Shouldn't Try To Face Bed Bugs In Kennard On Your Own

Dealing with a bed bug infestation in your Kennard residence can be a challenging and frustrating experience. While the temptation to tackle the problem yourself may be strong, it's crucial to understand why it's not advisable:

  • Resilience: Bed bugs are known for their resilience. They can quickly develop resistance to over-the-counter products, rendering DIY efforts ineffective in the long run. What may seem like a temporary victory often allows the infestation to rebound and worsen.
  • Hidden infestations: Bed bugs are masters of concealment. They can hide in the tiniest cracks, crevices, and electrical outlets, making them difficult to detect without professional training and equipment. Underestimating the scope of the infestation can lead to incomplete eradication.
  • Ineffective treatments: Many DIY bed bug treatments available on the market may kill some bed bugs on contact, but they rarely address the entire infestation. Bed bugs reproduce rapidly, and missing just a few individuals can result in a resurgence of the problem.
  • Spread of infestation: Untrained efforts to combat bed bugs can inadvertently spread them to other areas of your home or even to neighboring units in multi-family dwellings. This not only exacerbates the problem but can also lead to disputes with neighbors or landlords.
  • Professional expertise: When it comes to bed bug removal in Kennard, the expertise of a professional pest control team is invaluable. Quality Pest Control has the experience, knowledge, and access to advanced technology to identify and eliminate bed bug infestations comprehensively.
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