Keeping Rodents Out: Expert Control Strategies For Bellevue Properties


Let’s talk about rodent control in Bellevue. Rodents remain some of the most common pests here in the United States, and many Bellevue properties are vulnerable to rodent invasions of some kind. 

As you’ll soon see, rodents are persistent pests that can also potentially be dangerous to your health. They’re also known for causing varying degrees of property damage, depending on the rodent in question and the specifics of the situation. 

With this guide, we want to help you better understand why rodents do what they do, the seriousness of the health risks they present, effective rodent prevention methods, and the perennial value of partnering with a pest control service like Quality Pest Control in your area to have rodents professionally removed. 

With the intro out of the way, let’s dive right in. Here’s what you need to know about rodents and rodent control. 

Rodent Behavior Insights: Navigating The Habits Of Mice And Rats

Focusing specifically on rats and mice, two of the most likely rodents to come inside your home, let’s discuss the fundamentals of rodent behavior. 

For one, what do rodents eat? Rodents that live near humans are most likely to eat various types of human foods. It really comes down to what they can get their paws on. Their attraction to human (and pet) food is also one of the reasons why rodents decide to enter human homes in the first place. 

Rodents are typically nocturnal, so in most cases, they will be far more active at night than during the daytime. Rats are generally louder than mice, so if you hear the scurrying of tiny feet in the middle of the night, it’s more likely a rat than a mouse. 

Despite the size difference between mice and rats, both tend to be sneaky. They don’t like to get themselves into confrontations, especially not with humans. These rodents feel safest in dark, enclosed spaces; this means they often build their nests inside of walls, in piles of clutter, or even inside appliances not being used. 

Keep in mind that rodents also need a consistent source of freshwater; this is another reason why rats and mice hide inside human homes, especially homes with, for example, leaking pipes. 

Health Risks Of Rodent Invasions: Protecting Your Family And Pets

Moving on to the more serious consequences of a rodent problem in the home, let’s briefly look at some of the health risks rodents present. 

No matter what kinds of rodents are hiding in your house, they can carry dangerous germs and spread viruses and diseases through these germs. 

A bite from a rat is one way these germs could spread, but indirect contact with rodents is just as problematic. Rodents can contaminate spaces with their droppings as well, so if you’re not careful, these germs could find their way into your system purely by accident. 

Both humans and pets can be negatively affected by diseases and viruses spread by germs. As a rule of thumb, if you’re aware of a rodent problem in your home, pay close attention to your family’s health and seek medical attention if you happen to notice any sudden, unexpected symptoms.  

Proactive Rodent Control: Preventing Infestations Before They Begin

Rodent prevention is a key aspect of effective rodent control, and it all begins with you. Here are some of the most effective rodent prevention strategies for your home: 

  • Repair leaking pipes, and don’t leave out sources of clean water. 
  • Seal any openings or cracks in the outer walls of your home. You need to address any opening larger than one-quarter inch. 
  • Keep your foods in airtight containers, especially bulk foods with weak packaging. 
  • Reduce moisture throughout the home, especially in the attic and basement. 
  • Keep firewood as far from the home as you can. 
  • Install vents on the openings of air ducts and chimneys. 

These are relatively simple steps, but they can go a long way toward keeping rodents out of your home long-term. 

Professional Rodent Control: The Best Way To Keep Mice And Rats Away

With all of this in mind, professional rodent control is undoubtedly the best way to quickly and efficiently resolve any rodent problems. Professional control is fast, effective, and completely safe. 

The best part of working with pest control service specialists is you won’t need to get anywhere near the rodents. And when it’s all said and done, your home can go back to being a safe and relaxing space for you and your family.  

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