Beetle Battle: How To Prevent And Control Beetles Around Your Papillion Home


Beetles might not be as scary as some of the other pests that are capable of entering your home, but they can still cause a lot of problems around your home, including destroying your food and personal property. In Papillion, homeowners must work year-round to keep these pests out of their homes and away from their yards. 

At Quality Pest Control, we offer comprehensive beetle control in Papillion. With over 25 years of experience, our pest control experts know the best way to prevent beetles from entering your home and eliminate the ones that have already found their way inside. 

Beetle Identification: Know Your Foe

Beetles are a diverse type of insect that can vary in size, color, and shape. A beetle’s body is typically separated into three sections: a head, abdomen, and thorax. Most of the time, the beetle’s exoskeleton will make it feel like the bug has a hard outer shell covering its body. Additionally, many beetles have a pair of coarse wings on their backs that give the bug’s exterior an even more shell-like feel. 

Carpet beetles are one of the most common types of beetles found inside Papillion homes. These beetles are relatively small compared to others and typically measure around ? of an inch long. They have an oval-shaped body that can have a speckled appearance and usually consist of a color combination of black, white, gray, and brown. They have a pair of strong, hard wings on their back, but prefer to walk instead of fly.

If you see a carpet beetle or any strange-looking bug, you should call a carpet beetle exterminator for your home to find out exactly what type of beetle you are dealing with. 

Beetle Invasions: The Risks To Your Home And Property

Beetles can cause many problems if they find a way inside your home. Many young beetles, or beetle larvae, will need to eat almost continuously from the moment they are born. Carpet beetles, for instance, will eat silk, wool, cotton, and other natural fibers almost constantly. Because they are so small, they may not cause much damage at first, but soon, you may notice small holes in your home's clothing, bedding, furniture, and other items. 

Beetles are also known to eat grains, cereal, flour, and other foods found in your pantry. If they get inside the food packages, they could contaminate the food with their urine, feces, eggs, and larvae. A beetle extermination team can inspect your home to ensure that the bugs have not contaminated food or other parts of your home. 

Creating A Beetle-Free Environment: Tips And Techniques

Beetles can easily adapt to a variety of conditions, and you commonly find them living indoors just as often as you see them outdoors. Our service specialists who provide pest control for beetles recommend trying these steps to prevent a beetle infestation:

  • Vacuum regularly
  • Store unused clothes in a vacuum bad
  • Keep pantry food in a sealed container
  • Seal up gaps and cracks around windows, doors, and other parts of your home

Finding an experienced service specialist who provides beetle control near you is another essential part of keeping these pests away from your home.

Taking Control: Calling In The Pros For Total Beetle Control

Beetles are known to infest homes quickly and can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. If you think beetles have invaded your home, call our professionals at Quality Pest Control. We understand the challenges of beetle control in Papillion and know how to solve the problem by staying one step ahead of these bothersome bugs.

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