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The Most Common Pests In Omaha

Proper pest identification is essential to selecting the appropriate method of pest control. Browse our Pest Library to learn more about the most common pests in Omaha, NE. It provides useful information about the pests you’re most likely to see in your home or business.

an ant crawling on a cement block


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up close image of a bat bug

Bat Bug

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a bed bug crawling on human skin

Bed Bugs

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a drugstore beetle crawling on bread


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a boxelder bug on a green leaf

Boxelder Bugs

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a centipede crawling on the ground

Centipedes & Millipedes

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cockroach in a home


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a flea crawling on skin


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up close image of a fly on plastic


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grubs crawling in dirt


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a japanese beetle on a yellow flower

Japanese beetles

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a lady bug crawling on the ground


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a meadow vole resting in grass

Meadow Vole

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a deer mouse on wood


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a mole coming out of the ground


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a mosquito biting human skin


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a clothes moth on clothes in a closet


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a black rat on a wood pallet


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a silverfish crawling in a home


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brown recluse spider on wall in home

Brown Recluse Spiders

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a cellar spider crawling in a home


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a squirrel sitting on a post outside


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a tick crawling on human skin


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up close image of a termite crawling on wood


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a wasp crawling on a wood fence post


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wolf spider on wood

Wolf Spiders

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a raccoon on a roof


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