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Stopping Grubs In Their Tracks

Grubs may be small, but they cause massive destruction to your outdoor areas. Professional grub control for lawns is recommended to defeat these pests in Omaha, NE.

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What are grubs?

Grubs are the larval stage of certain species of beetles, such as Japanese beetles and June bugs. Grubs are typically white in color, plump, and somewhat curved or C-shaped. They  are pests of lawn and turf, this is where adult beetles lay their eggs, which then hatch into grubs that munch on the roots of your lawn while they mature

Grubs are notorious for the destruction they cause, and it’s highly unpleasant to run into an infestation of these pests on your property. Professional grub control is necessary to defeat invasions of beetles and grubs.

Are grubs dangerous?

Grubs aren’t toxic to people, and in certain situations, grubs may even be eaten by people if they come from sterilized soil. However, a common grub infestation around your lawn is problematic, and grub damage to your lawn is the most dangerous thing about this pest.

As beetle eggs hatch into grubs, these grubs are driven to eat, grow, and eventually mature into adult beetles. This will lead to unsightly and costly damage and an unpleasant-looking lawn. A large infestation of grubs will also attract predators like birds, moles, and skunks, further increasing your property’s pest problems.

Why do I have a grub problem?

Grub problems occur when your property has an abundance of beetles that lay their eggs around your lawn. Once these eggs hatch, you will find yourself encountering a grub problem that only perpetuates as these insects mature and lay their own eggs.

Effective lawn grub treatment includes treatment of all life cycles of beetles to eradicate your pest problem fully.

Where will I find grubs?

Grubs are almost always going to be found around lawns and outdoor areas. You can look out for signs of grubs on your lawn, including:

  • Grass that appears dry or brown
  • Grass and vegetation that appears drought-struck
  • Sightings of white, plump grubs every few inches on your lawn

In addition to seeing grubs in grasses or overgrown areas, you may see them near the bases of trees, vegetable gardens, and around piles of dirt or debris — anywhere beetles may lay eggs has the potential to host grubs.

How do I get rid of grubs?

The best treatment for grubs in your lawn is skipping DIY tactics and contacting Quality Pest Control. Our service specialists will work with you to understand your grub problem and identify the root causes of your pest issues before developing treatment solutions that fully eradicate grubs from your property. 

With our help, your lawn will be protected from grub damage and the adult beetles that will emerge later. Schedule your consultation now to get started.

How can I prevent grubs in the future?

To stop grubs in the future, you can implement easy prevention tips around your property. Maintaining your lawn is essential to keeping grubs and beetles out of it, so be sure that your lawn isn’t stressed and that you utilize fertilizers when necessary to keep your outdoor areas well nourished.

For more information about our services in Omaha and how we can help with grub prevention or defeating an infestation of grubs on your property, contact Quality Pest Control today.

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