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Frequently Asked Questions About Meadow Voles

a meadow vole in a burrow

What are meadow voles?

Meadow voles, also known as meadow mice or field mice, are an extremely common species of burrowing, vegetarian rodent that lives throughout much of the United States, especially farther north. Meadow voles are quite common here in Omaha, especially once you get outside the city.

These herbivorous rodents will eat just about any plant material they can get their paws on. This food choice is part of what makes them such a nuisance when they begin to infest properties. Landscaping is not cheap, but voracious voles don't care how much you've spent on your prize rosebushes or your brand-new fruit trees. 

Are meadow voles dangerous?

No species of vole is considered dangerous to humans, including meadow voles. Voles are not among the rodents that commonly spread diseases simply because they seldom come indoors. Because they won't come into contact with you, they can't transmit any disease through their feces or dirty feet.

However, this does not mean you are entirely off the hook when it comes to voles impacting your health. Voles are typically covered in fleas and ticks, which spread a myriad of diseases that can easily infect you if your vole infestation brings a breeding population of ticks or fleas with it.

Voles can also inflict extensive property damage. Voles are burrowing rodents, which means they will tear up your yard, digging holes and leaving trails and mounds throughout your lawn. They can also severely damage the roots of bushes, grasses, and even trees by tearing them up underground. Voles are also known to chew on the stems of plants, and this can do significant damage, up to and including killing the plants. All these reasons are why controlling voles is so vital.

Why do I have a meadow vole problem?

Unfortunately, vole control is easier said than done. It's super easy to wind up with a meadow vole problem, especially since these rascally rodents are mostly outdoors, which means they are much harder to exclude than rodents that want to get into your house.

Typically, you wind up with a vole infestation because you have an abundance of food and water on your property. Voles are particularly fond of tender and juicy grasses, as well as seeds and tubers. Unfortunately, a well-tended lawn can often attract these rodents.

Where will I find meadow voles?

You will find meadow voles almost exclusively in your yard or other outdoor property. They will be in underground burrows or sneaking through the grass in your yard. Because they are so wily and so motivated to avoid human contact, you may never see voles, which means you'll have to look for signs of them, such as:

  • Shallow tunnels snaking through your yard

  • Burrows and burrow entrances 

  • Yellowing or wilting plants

  • Damage to plant stems or roots

  • Stolen garden veggies and fruits 

It can sometimes be easy to mix up signs of voles with other plant issues. But if you see evidence of shallow tunnels, this is the telltale sign you need rodent control services in Omaha for voles.

How do I get rid of meadow voles?

Unfortunately, getting rid of meadow voles can be a huge hassle because these rodents burrow underground and live in areas you can't easily keep them out of. You'll likely need professional help from the best Omaha pest control company — Quality Pest Control.

We know how to get rid of stubborn and destructive voles. We use a combination of powerful vole control products and state-of-the-art techniques to ensure your lawn grass and landscaping have protection against these infuriating pests.

How can I prevent meadow voles in the future?

The best way to control voles is to avoid getting a vole infestation by making your property less attractive to them. Steps can involve a lot of different action items, but some of the best things you can do include:

  • Keep grass cut short and bushes trimmed away from the ground.
  • Get rid of bird feeders that can attract voles. 
  • Remove debris and clutter these rodents can use to hide. 
  • Try using scare tactics like fake hawks or snakes. 

And don't forget, if all your vole control efforts fail, the experts here at Quality Pest Control are just a click or call away.

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