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What You Need To Know About Moles

Mole crawling from a burrow

Moles are small pests that may look like rodents, but are insectivores and are actually more closely related to the bat family. They constantly are tunneling underneath lawns as well as fields and this can cause extensive damage to both the roots of grass as well as any plants.

Moles are rarely ever seen as they live underground their entire lives. When they dig their tunnels they will leave golf ball sized openings as well as mounds of dirt that can span up to 24 inches wide and as high as 9 inches tall. Contact Quality Pest Control to learn more about pest control in Omaha, NE and how to evict the moles in your yard.

Four Facts About Moles

Moles are small pests that can often become a huge nuisance if not taken care of properly with home pest control. At Quality Pest Control, we wanted to provide some helpful information on these mysterious underground dwelling creatures.

Mole Diet

Moles are insectivores and will eat their weigh in worms, grubs and insects every single day. Mole will leave a series of tunnels underground ad they go looking for food in the dirt. This causes the mole to create incredible appetite.


Moles are nearly blind and in addition, they are color blind. But, contrary to what most people believe, moles aren’t completely blind, moles will use a special scent sensor on their nose to help them to see underground and to find their prey.


Moles will begin their mating season often in late winter. A female mole’s gestation period only lasts for 42 days and can bring anywhere from 2 to 5 young baby moles. At around a month, moles will become independent from their mother and start digging their own tunnels as well as look for their own food.

Mole Hills

Some homeowners actually enjoy the presence of moles and mole hills as they provide a cheap and self sufficient way to get rid of destruct insects and they also help aerate the soil. But, more so, people feel that moles damage their lawns and that any benefits outweigh the negative aspects that come with moles.

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