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Bed Bug Infestations In Nebraska

You might think you don't have to worry about bed bug control if you keep a clean house, but you'd be wrong. Bed bugs are actually some of the sneakiest pests in the world, and they only need one thing to infest your home; you. That's right. Bed bugs don't need dirt. They don't need grime. They don't need anything but a live body to feed on and a place to hide at night.

Granted, not regularly cleaning your home does make it easier for bed bugs to spread throughout it – but it doesn't make one bit of difference as to whether you end up with an infestation or whether that infestation can sustain itself.

Two of the main ways you get bed bugs are through travel and secondhand shopping. It's as easy as buying an item with one or two hidden bed bugs in it or laying your jacket on an infested hotel bed. Bed bugs are good enough at hiding that you'll never know they're there unless you look for them. And they're so sneaky they can hitch a ride into your house while you're none the wiser.

Keeping bed bugs at bay can be a challenge for homeowners – especially ones who travel a lot – and a nightmare for certain business owners. It's vital to keep your head as you work to keep the bugs out of your bed.

Our Bed Bug Control Offerings

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One of the worst temptations you'll face after you wind up with a bed bug infestation is to try to do your own bed bug fumigation with store-bought foggers or dust products. However, this is always a terrible idea.

Bed bugs earned their name because the bed is the most convenient location for them. But a more accurate name for these pests might be "everywhere bugs" because they can hide literally anywhere and everywhere in your house. This fact is what makes DIY bed bug treatment next to impossible. Once you get rid of the bugs in your bed, the bugs hiding in your carpet and your walls will just move into prime real estate.

That's where Quality Pest Control comes in. We provide the premier bed bug control services in Omaha because our solutions to your bed bug problems work! Just remember, the longer you wait to eradicate a bed bug infestation, the more difficult and expensive treatments will be. Don't wait until there's a full-blown infestation in your house. If you start seeing signs of bed bugs, such as:

  • Live bugs anywhere in your home

  • Bed bug eggs or exoskeletons

  • Spotting on your bedding

  • Bed bug bites (unexplained bites that appear in clusters or lines where your skin contacts the bed)

Don't hesitate to contact us as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs don't spread diseases – at least not communicable diseases. Unlike other external parasites, like mosquitoes and ticks, they're not known or suspected vectors for any pathogens. However, that doesn't mean bed bugs aren't hazardous to your health.

Knowing you're sharing your bed with bugs can lead to anxiety that disrupts sleep and even causes insomnia. And long-term sleep deprivation causes a host of chronic illnesses like diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, dementia, heart failure, and more. That's why it's important to protect your sleep by protecting your home from bed bugs.

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DIY bed bug control might not work, but here at Quality Pest Control, we've got solutions that are actually worth their salt! So don't wait. Click or call today to get started with reliable home pest control.

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