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Getting Rid Of Dangerous Rats On Your Omaha Property For Good!


If there’s one thing you should know about rats, it’s that they’re both large and dangerous. These pests commonly invade residential properties seeking food and shelter, but they cause serious problems once they get inside.

In this article, we’ll explain the dangers rats pose to humans and what homeowners can do to keep these pests away throughout this season. To receive excellent Omaha pest control that will eliminate pest problems before they arise, partner with Quality Pest Control today. Our licensed technicians have what it takes to protect your home and family from pests utilizing top-quality solutions every time. 

How To Tell If It's Rats On Your Property

Rats in Omaha try their best to avoid human activity when possible while still reaping the benefits of staying close to the areas where humans reside. Unfortunately, this behavior makes it challenging to identify when rats have taken over your residential property. Despite this fact, many rats still leave a few signs of their presence behind. Rat droppings are one telltale sign of a rat infestation on your property. You can also check for chewing marks and damage on your furniture, electrical wiring, and pipes.

If you notice any signs of rats in or around your Omaha property, don’t hesitate to contact the pest experts at Quality Pest Control. We’re committed to eliminating pest problems at their source to ensure your home is protected year-round. 

Why Rats On Your Property Can Be Very Dangerous

Although rats and other rodents generally prefer to avoid humans rather than harm them, there are some situations where these pests can threaten your health and safety. A fearful rat may bite or scratch anyone who gets too close, leaving behind a painful wound. However, the biggest threat rats pose is their ability to carry and transmit dangerous illnesses. Some diseases that rats carry include hantavirus, salmonella, leptospirosis, and rat-bite fever.

The best way to avoid rodent problems is to partner with our professionals at Quality Pest Control for all your rat control needs. Give us a call today to find out how we eliminate pest problems of all shapes and sizes. 

The Safe And Effective Way To Remove Rats On Your Property

Rats are the largest rodent species to invade homes and also the most fearsome. These pests often become aggressive if they feel cornered or threatened, which is why you shouldn’t try to deal with a rodent infestation alone. The safest and most effective way to handle a rat infestation is with the help of a licensed pest control expert. At Quality Pest Control, we work quickly to identify where pests are hiding on your property and develop a treatment plan to remove them.

No matter what pests invade your Omaha home, you can rely on us to eliminate them. Reach out to Quality Pest Control today to learn more about our effective rodent control options. 

Helpful Tips To Prevent Future Rat Infestations On Your Property

No one wants to find rats in their Omaha home. However, unless you implement the proper prevention methods, you could be inviting these large rodents onto your property. Here are a few helpful tips to avoid attracting rats:

  • Eliminate potential entry points by sealing gaps and cracks in your exterior walls.
  • Seal leftover food items in airtight containers or a refrigerator.
  • Avoid leaving pet food unattended, especially at night.
  • Keep firewood stored away from the exterior walls of your home.

No matter how many prevention tips you implement, rodents may find a way to invade. Protect your home from pests year-round with effective pest control solutions from Quality Pest Control. Contact us today to find out how we help homeowners keep their properties pest-free.

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