Mosquitoes In Omaha: An All-Inclusive Prevention And Control Guide


If your Omaha property offers mosquitoes places to feed, breed, or rest, these tiny flying insects will take advantage. Contact the local pest professionals at Quality Pest Control for the most effective mosquito control in Omaha. We know how annoying and dangerous mosquitoes are and how frustrating they are to control. Our experts are here to provide helpful information about mosquitoes, effective mosquito services, and prevention and control tips to help you maintain a mosquito-free property. 

Understanding The Mosquito Population: Species And Behaviors

Several different species of mosquitoes live throughout Omaha. What these mosquitoes all have in common is the ability to drive people indoors from their outdoor oasis. Most mosquitoes become active once the temperature is consistently above 50 degrees Fahrenheit.  Unfortunately, that means mosquitoes are most active outside when we are also outside trying to enjoy the warm temperatures! 

The mosquito's diet is why these insects are so problematic and constantly swarming around us. The primary diet of male and female mosquitoes is plant nectar and other sweet liquids; however, female mosquitoes also require blood meals. The protein found in the blood of animals and people allows them to produce viable eggs and complete their lifecycle. 

Some mosquitoes in Omaha are aggressive biters and feed throughout the day. Other species prefer to feed at dawn and dusk when temperatures are cooler. During the middle of the day, most mosquitoes seek shelter in shaded areas to escape the sun's direct rays.

Mosquito Dangers: Itchy Bites, Allergic Reactions And Diseases

In addition to being extremely annoying, mosquitoes pose significant dangers to people, wildlife, and pets. Mosquitoes use their elongated mouthpart (proboscis) to pierce through our skin. As the mosquito feeds, it injects its saliva into the skin; a protein in the saliva causes an immune response which causes a raised, itchy welt. 

Though mosquito bites are unpleasant and can lead to secondary infections, their biggest threat is their ability to spread disease. Female mosquitoes dine on the blood of many hosts during their short lifespan. As they feed, they acquire and spread disease from host to host. Here is a list of diseases caused by mosquitoes:

  • Chikungunya virus
  • Dengue 
  • Malaria
  • West Nile virus
  • Zika virus

Though not every mosquito that bites you will infect you with a disease-causing pathogen, the less contact you and your family have with mosquitoes, the better. For effective mosquito control near you, call us today!

The Science Of Mosquito Prevention: Effective Strategies

An essential thing to understand about mosquitoes is that their females lay their eggs on top of standing water or areas that are likely to flood. Properties with or near a lot of standing or stagnant water are most likely to experience difficulties with large populations of mosquitoes. 

Along with standing water, other things that attract the attention of mosquitoes include daytime resting spots like tall grass, overgrown trees, and yard debris. Additionally, lots of flowering vegetation provides mosquitoes with plentiful food sources. 

Some of our most helpful prevention strategies to get rid of mosquitoes include:

  • Keeping your yard’s grass cut short.
  • Reducing the flowering vegetation planted near your home or outdoor sitting areas.
  • Planting plants around outdoor sitting areas like lavender, citronella, and lemongrass that naturally deter mosquitoes. 

The most effective strategy to prevent problems with mosquitoes is to reduce standing water on your property. Keeping gutters clear of debris, storing empty containers upside down, filling in low-lying areas, and repairing leaky hoses and irrigation systems will reduce standing water on your property. Removing tree stumps, yard debris, and old tires that collect rainwater is also helpful. 

Pro Mosquito Control: Regular Maintenance And Long-Term Prevention

Mosquito control experts understand the different mosquitoes that call Omaha home and can provide the regular treatments necessary to eliminate current mosquito problems and keep them from returning. Quality Pest Control is committed to Omaha homeowners and helping people enjoy their outdoor spaces without being swarmed by biting mosquitoes. Call today to learn more about our long-lasting mosquito control services in Omaha.

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