The Best Way To Get Rid Of Silverfish In Your Omaha Home


If you were starving, would you eat your shirt? Most people wouldn't because they know it doesn't hold any nutritional value. Eating clothing is also a quick way to make yourself sick. Want to know who doesn't get sick after eating your clothing? Silverfish. These bugs snack on fabrics and often invade homes. Here is how to get rid of silverfish in Omaha and more about problems these pests cause for homeowners. Call Quality Pest Control if you need direct information about professional pest control in Omaha to deal with these bugs inside your home. We will offer some fast solutions and find a treatment time that works best with your schedule.

Habits And Behavior Of Silverfish

Silverfish are not complicated creatures. They go wherever there is food, moisture, and shelter. They mainly feed on carbohydrates and proteins and will occasionally feed on the skin of other silverfish. If these pests are inside your home, you will unlikely see them crawling around. This is because they are nocturnal. If you want to spot a silverfish inside your home, check humid areas at night using a flashlight and look for small silver, fish-shaped pests wriggling around. For help identifying these pests inside your home, bring in our Quality Pest Control team for a thorough consultation. We will help you spot these annoying pests and suggest treatments to get rid of silverfish fast.

Why You Don't Want Silverfish Crawling Around Your Home

Before we get into how to get rid of silverfish, let's discuss why these pests are a problem inside local homes. To start, these insects love to steal food off of countertops. Although they are not directly harmful and do not spread disease, this behavior can lead to the contamination of foods and beverages. The real problem with silverfish is the way they damage paper products, clothing, and other fabric-based items. These small pests eat a wide range of stored clothing and books. If you are dealing with an active infestation inside your home, make sure that all of your stored items are secured inside tightly-sealed containers.

Why And How Silverfish Invade Homes

Silverfish have options if they want to invade your home. Adult silverfish are pretty mobile and might crawl around your home's exterior, looking for ways to get inside. Eggs and young have to be more creative in getting indoors. Here are a few ways these pests might get into your home.

  • Crawling through an open window.
  • Crawling under a door.
  • Sneaking in through a vent.
  • Slipping through a gap or crack in your home's foundation.
  • Hiding their eggs inside storage boxes and waiting for you to carry them indoors.
  • Hiding inside used clothing, books, and furniture that you plan on buying.

To prevent a silverfish infestation, one option you have is to bring in one of our professionals. 

The Best Way To Get Rid Of A Silverfish Infestation In Your Home

We do not want you to find small holes in your clothing or books that can no longer hold their bindings. To help you avoid these problems, we offer fast solutions for silverfish and other destructive insects. Start by scheduling your home for a consultation. Once our team understands what pest pressures are causing your trouble, we will recommend a solution to get them out fast. We also offer year-round general pest control if you are looking for a way to protect your home through every season.

Call Quality Pest Control now to learn more about our silverfish control and schedule a service consultation for your home.

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