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Spiders are not the most dangerous pest that could invade your home, but many people fear them and do not want them in their homes. This is especially the case with dangerous spiders like the brown recluse. While they will rarely attack people, their bite can cause many health problems and could require medical attention. Spiders quickly go from being seen as a nuisance pest to being recognized as an essential part of the Earth's balance. They keep the number of insects in the wild in check, and if they were to go extinct, it would significantly impact the ecosystem. However, they serve very little purpose inside homes unless you have an existing pest infestation, but it makes more sense to treat it than to replace it with another one. All types of spiders have eight legs and fangs that help them inject venom into their prey, although most of the ones in the area are not considered dangerous to humans. They all produce silk, but only a small percentage use it to build webs. Instead, they might use it for courtship, catching prey, or transportation. If you have seen spiders on your property, it is time to learn about the types of spiders that invade Omaha homes, discover why some are more dangerous than others, and get educated on the factors that attract them to your house. If you are struggling with a spider infestation, Quality Pest Control provides pest control in Omaha that is safe and effective for your family.

There are more than 40,000 types of spiders worldwide, varying in size, color, and more. Some can be extremely deadly, while others are harmless. Some bugs like daddy long legs and cellar spiders are sometimes mistaken for spiders, but they are not, although they are classified as an arachnid just like spiders. In Omaha, there are five types that you will want to learn more about:

  • The brown recluse spider: The brown recluse spider is the most venomous in this list. You can recognize it by the violin-shaped pattern on its cephalothorax. If you get bitten by a brown recluse, wash the area thoroughly with soap and water, and seek help from a medical professional if applying ice to it does not help the swelling or your symptoms worsen.
  • The wolf spider: Wolf spiders are generally brown or black and can be up to two inches long. You can recognize them by their light-reflecting eyes and lack of distinctive markings, making them good at blending in with their surroundings. They do not spin webs but are great hunters partly due to their excellent eyesight. They are venomous but will rarely bite humans. They are common house spiders in Nebraska.
  • The hobo spider: Hobo spiders aren't very big and are often less than half an inch, but their long legs can be an impressive two inches long. They are most often brown and can easily pass as other spiders. They spin funnel-shaped webs, can run extremely fast, and aren't thought to be dangerous to humans.
  • The jumping spider: Generally brown, black, or gray, jumping spiders tend to have white markings, small bodies, and powerful legs that allow them to jump relatively high compared to their size. They are not dangerous, although you probably do not want to have one jump on you unexpectedly. They have four pairs of eyes and excellent vision. Their heads have been described as flat and rectangular.
  • The yellow sac spider: This pale yellow spider with dark brown markings is nocturnal and venomous. Like the brown recluse spider, if you receive a bite, you need to wash the area with soap and water and apply ice to it while watching the symptoms' progression. If it does not get better within a few days, you will need to have a medical professional look at the biting site. Some yellow sac spiders are attracted to the smell of gasoline, which is why you might find them in your garage.

There are many species of spiders in Omaha. If you have seen signs of a spider infestation in your home, read on to understand why some of them are more dangerous than others. If you aren't sure how dangerous the spiders in your home are, a pest control professional can help.

Not all spiders are dangerous, and most of the ones in the area are relatively harmless. Even the venomous types will usually stay away from humans unless cornered and threatened. However, some people with venom allergies, such as children and the elderly, are more at risk of complications. If you see spiders like the brown recluse or the yellow sac spider, try to avoid them and reach out to a service specialist with experience in local spiders. If one does bite you, wash the area with soap and water and dry it gently before applying ice. You will then want to watch for worsening symptoms that could indicate an allergic reaction. Symptoms that are cause for concern include excessive itching, severe pain, swelling, cramping, sweating, nausea or vomiting, and difficulty breathing. If you experience any of them, seek medical help as soon as possible. While some spiders are more dangerous than others, you probably would rather not have any of them in your home, venomous or not. To get rid of them effectively, removing the factors that attract them is essential.

Many factors attract spiders to your house, and these are the most common ones:

  • Pest infestations: Spiders are predators who will readily feast on insects like flies, mosquitoes, small beetles, and more. Treating all infestations is necessary to get rid of spiders effectively. Ants and spiders are sometimes found together when there is an infestation.
  • High moisture levels: Many pests are attracted to moisture, and spiders are no different. If you have leaks in your home, even small ones, you will want to fix them to eliminate existing infestations and prevent future ones from happening. Remember your yard too. Clogged drains, stagnant water sources like kiddy pools and old tires, and rotten wood and leaf piles are all factors that attract spiders.
  • Cracks in walls and foundations: For spiders to come indoors, they need entry points. While they are small and can squeeze into tiny openings, do not make their job easier by not sealing cracks in your wall and foundations. You will also want to fix or replace window frames and get them fitted with fine-mesh screens and consider door sweeps so that they can't crawl under doors.
  • Leftovers and garbage cans: Spiders are attracted to human food, and if leftovers are the factor that has drawn them in, you are sure to deal with other infestations as well, especially from more dangerous invaders like rats and mice. It is essential to clean your kitchen and dining areas thoroughly every day and keep garbage cans closed and wiped down at all times.

For effective spider control, consider professional pest control services if keeping your home clean and well-maintained is not enough to eliminate spiders.

The best way to get rid of spiders is to use prevention strategies that address the factors that attract spiders into your home and pest control solutions when you need more. At Quality Pest Control, we provide top-rated spider control in Omaha to rid your home of these unwanted invaders. While we strive to offer competitive rates, we will not settle for anything less than the complete elimination of your pest infestation. As a locally-owned company, we know firsthand how to deal with local bugs and other invaders. Contact us today and schedule a consult with one of our service specialists. Our team is trained to keep your household safe with effective and highly targeted products that work. No matter how many questions you have for us, we have the answers you need. One of our Healthy Home Bundles, which addresses all stages of the infestation, is sure to fit your unique needs and situation for the best spider control effective throughout the season. We will get a better idea of what will work best for you after an assessment to determine the spider species, how and why they got inside, and what keeps them thriving in your home. Let's get started, and these creepy crawlies will be a thing of the past sooner than you expect. Soon, your home will be pest-free for good.

Spiders are not a pest most people want in their homes; even a few can be more than you can handle. Because Omaha is home to many types of spiders, from nuisance ones that spin webs all over your house to dangerous ones that can bite, you can rely on the services of a professional pest control company to get rid of them. From dangerous brown recluses to common orb-weavers, we have the tools to eliminate them swiftly.

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